Expressive Dog Accessories

We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with ThreadWallet’s newest addition to their brand: Kano Dog. Kano Dog just recently launched their new line of dog collars, leashes, and harnesses. They focus on bold and expressive patterns and the connection between dogs and their humans. When Kano Dog reached out to us to shoot some content for their brand launch, we knew we had to jump on the opportunity. Emilio and I have been fans of Thread Wallet products for years, so when we heard that they were launching a pet accessory brand, we were in 100%.

We chose to focus on our favorite Kano Dog design: Crave. The vibrant colors were easy to showcase and it reminded us of Hawaii. Not only are the products durable and well-made, but they are also stunning and stylistic. We think we picked one that fits Maya’s personality perfectly.

The Process

When we were planning this shoot, we were focused on getting a variety of shots. We wanted shots that would highlight the products, in a variety of scenarios. We took the collar, leash, and harness as a set and planned to showcase different scenarios. This included close-up detail shots as well as wide placement shots. We provided a large variety of shots for Kano Dog to choose from. Luckily, Hawaii offers a lot of dog-friendly areas which were perfect places to take Maya.

During the shoot, we focused on shots that showcased the connection between the dog and the owner. It was important to show the same energy and expression in the human wardrobe that complemented the product. We chose laid-back looks with similar color palates to highlight the product.

We took these photos over a series of two days to give the client a variety of shots and locations. Splitting the shoot into two days also allowed us to make sure we didn’t miss any critical shots. We took the time to focus on what specific shots Kano Dog asked. Maya was such a sport during this whole photoshoot and we definitely made sure she got lots of treats at the end. She’s such a supermodel don’t you think? 😉

During editing, we focused heavily on natural colors. We didn’t want these photos to be too stylistic that they would distract from the message and meaning behind the brand. To match the bran imaging, we focused on natural, bright, and true-to-life colors that supported Kano Dog’s imagery.

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